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Posted September 12th, 2011 1,237 views, 0
Atlantica Online : Odysseus

Lucky, I’ve got Odysseus from an event in Atlantica Online. Who is Odysseus? Well you can read the wiki for more info about who is Odysseus. In Atlantica Online (MMOG) you may recruit Odysseus as one of your mercenary :P. And Ody is A-Grade Mercenary with¬†powerful¬†defense. This event in Atlantica Online Indonesia, at the event day, you need to be logged in for 4 hour, and you’ll get 1 ticket which is randomly gift you A-Grade mercenary (Odysseus, Naruk, Guan Yu), B-Grade Mercenary (Christine, Carmilla) or some scroll. The rate of getting A-Grade mercenery is very very low, so getting an A-Grade mercenary is a lucky chance.

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