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Atlantica Online, Power Saw Class Weapon

More about Atlantica Online, it is not just some common MMORPG, it is MMORPG-Turn Based System (TBS). You are not controlling one single character, but you control 1 group. The group is included 1 main character and 8 mercenary. All your characters in a group will leveling together while battling mobs in also grouped. The unique MMORPG gameplay isn’t it? While other MMORPG is hack-n-slash type, this one is tactical type. You may form a group from many mercenary available, but you only may group with 8 mercenary, and each mercenary may have different weapon, different skills and different use. So it’s you to decide which mercenary is more suitable for you formation and tactics. And yet, each battle you may only choose 5 characters, include you main character, to a act each turn.

This time my second main character is Maniac Class, Power Saw Weapon. It has more defense and attack than other main class. And it normal hit is 1 line with AoE skill.

[pro-player width=’800′ height=’450′ type=’video’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSxHDqKJda0[/pro-player]

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