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New PC, code: DarkCC

3 Days ago, a sudden lightning strike attack my electrical system at home. My house location is in high land, though there is a Lightning Capture tower nearby, sometimes the lightning still attack any high object, my house is one of them.

Last time only my Modem coz my PC is still using an UPS. This time the attack broke my Modem, LCD, my PC mainboard RAM Slots. Thank God my HDD is safe, coz I haven’t back-up yet. But I still have to buy new PC unite, my PC mainboard is unable to read RAM.

Yesterday, I wen to Mangga Dua, known as the center of Electornic shopping site in Jakarta, specially if you are searching for PC, console and gadget with low price. I have one shop that I always buy PC there, SIGMA Computer at Dusit, Mangga Dua – Jakarta. They sale their items with more lower price than other shop. After I list my buy-list, pay them, then I have to wait for the item to be collected. While waiting, I went to KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) for lunch.

Dusit, Mangga Dua, Jakarta... and SIGMA Computer is at Lower Ground, near the escalator.

the meny called "Super Puas" with 2 pc chicken, 1 reguler pepsi (sized up), and 1 rice (changed to organic rice)

After all the items collected, checked, then went home. If the traffic is normal, it would take 45 minutes to my home, but it is usually not normal due to highly traffic so it took almost 2 hour.

Here’s the items I bought for my new PC.

From the bottom :

  • UPS APC 500VA
  • PSU (Power Supply Unite) Enlight 450w
  • Mainboard, MSI 870A-G54
  • VGA, MSI N460GTX
  • Modem + Router, Linksys WAG120N
  • HDD, WDC Green SATA II 1.0TB
  • Processor, AMD Phenom II X4 945

And an LCD (not on the picture) Viewsonic 19″ VA1931wma.

All of them is about 7.405.000 IDR (~ 867 USD)

NVIDIA GForce GTX 460 with 1GB DDR5, 256Bit, Twin Frozr II, 2x DVI-I / mini HDMI

MSI 870A-G54

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2 Responses to “New PC, code: DarkCC”

  1. I’m sorry about the tragedy happened to your computer.

    that’s Mangga Dua Mall, isn’t it?

    Hoooaa… Indo blogger

    Salam kenal kak :shakehand

    • Thanks 😀

      Yes, this is Mangga Dua, at Dusit the exactly. I always buy PC stuff at Sigma Computer, ground floor.


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